CR3 / Parsed Extension added.

RawTherapee is great & I have used it for many tears now.
I’ve added cr3 in parsed extensions in RT settings. I get a thumbnail, but I get a white blank page when I try to open it. Is an update getting nearer to enable use with cr3 files?
Many Thanks.

The good old slap 'em first with the manual @heckflosse :wink:

But in all sincerity: @DaiAppy welcome to the forum! The chances are that you are using RawTherapee 5.8 in which not all camera’s that use the CR3 file-format are well-supported. If you try a nightly build, you might have better luck.

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Thanks Thanatomanic. I’ve got Gimp 5.10.22. I am not very conversant with the tech speech etc. I can open the raw with DPP, export it unchanged as a 16 bit tiff & reimport it into RawTherapee & then edit it. I can wait for the next gimp which may include CR3’s. The only bit unavailable for me for now is capture sharpening & hot/dead pixel filter. Thanks for your suggestion.