CR3 raw file editing issues user or software


I have some RAW files that I tried to edit and got weird issues regarding colors.
Its we is taking not correct pictures or not editing the right way.

The files:

Just downloading to look but you might need to be a bit more specific??

Can you share the xmp… the raw is much less detailed there out of the gate…did you add diffuse and sharpen and maybe push too hard or there is a noise setting in HLR in filmic…the default can sometimes do that …I set it to uniform and that goes away …but all speculation until you confirm

I just did a quick edit messing around seeing if I could produce that … no luck but once you share the xmp we will have a better idea…

IMG_3901.CR3.xmp (13.3 KB)

Yes, please provide your edit history.

IMG_3901.CR3.xmp (9.3 KB)

Which model?

I am not sure what issues you are having, but try using sigmoid module instead of filmic and see if you prefer the colors rendered by that module.

They show a png with a pixelated or noisy area above the boys head…no way to investigate without the xmp

No issues at all with your raw file on the current dt 4.4.2. Must be either something to do with your processing, or maybe a bug specific to your system. If you could share the xmp it would help.

Here the XMP file:

IMG_3901.CR3.xmp (15.3 KB)

You darken highlights aggressively in color balance rgb - 2. Here it is turned off (left) vs on (right):

I assume that is the problem you want to solve, not colours – at least your PNG highlights the weird-looking canvas region.
BTW, if you manipulate highlights in color balance rgb, you really should set white fulcrum (simply pick from the whole image). You may get away without that if you only decrease brilliance, but I’d still do it.

Oh yea indeed my idea was to decrease the attention the highlights of the white tents make in the photo. To keep the kid as the main subject.
So maybe indeed my approach to this is wrong.

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So it wasn’t a colour issue?

Wel the colors went bizarre, that was my first thought.

You could emphasise him by cropping more, darkening and desaturating the background. Sorry about the sloppy masking.
IMG_3901_01.CR3.xmp (16.4 KB)

I would use tone equalizer for this task, if it was me. :slight_smile:


I see how you processed in the xmp, will not use a color module for that kind of work in the future.

Just to add my thoughts here: the brilliance sliders are nice to create contrast in the “right” areas (for example pulling down shadows a bit and the mid tones or highlights up). Very easy enhance contrast to your likeing.
If you want to tone down highlights or pull up shadows, you are better of using the tone eq with detail preservation. This will treat the details in the highlight (or shadows) in a “safer” way.

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