Crash Reporter against GitHub


Some of you might remember our good old crash reporter, it was a nice tool. But maintaining the server part was not so nice. So, when I was planning to resurrect the server part I asked myself; why? Can’t this just be done on the user side?

So, I dropped our existing crash parser (stackwalker) and just made a simple library that parses crash dumps locally (if symbols are present) and outputs it in plain text.

Now when you get the crash dialog you will see the actual crash and be able to submit it to GitHub directly.

See video for working example (on Linux):

Note, this is just something I have done locally on my computer (not submitted to Natron), I’m open for suggestions etc.

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Finally had the time to finish the crash reporter (the Windows part took a bit more time than expected). My modifications can be found at, I did a test build for Windows at

When Natron crashes you will now see the following dialog:

If you click ‘Report…’ then the CrashReporter will generate a report in HTML with a link to submit issue to GitHub:

The link will open GitHub in a new tab and pre-fill the new issue with system info and the crash report:

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This seems like it has the potential to add a lot of issues to the GitHub repo, having options to file a bug report or to just upload the crash report (maybe to a different repo?) might be a nice way of managing that? As a user I don’t want to add issues needlessly however (as far as I understand it) having a collection of crash reports to search through might be helpful when tracking down bugs.

I don’t see the problem. It’s better to get a bug report with information than a bug report with “Natron crashed, fix!” and no info.

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Oh absolutely better to get more data with actual bug reports but if you’re looking to build a library of crash reports to search over this might result in a flood of issues where many users don’t know exactly why it crashed instead of reporting specific reasons issues. As a user I sometimes don’t really know why a program crashed and when I have the option to send a report along I do but often (if given the option) I wouldn’t make a GitHub issue out of it because I typically only make issues when I know exactly what is wrong so it is clear what needs to be fixed.

In short, this is great if you already want to submit a bug report but bug reports aren’t always the same as crash reports.

Can you add an automatic tag to the crash report issue?

I agree with @Shrinks99 that this will probably flood the github issues.

If you really want to use github for that, you should create another project in the NatronHitHub org, eg NatronCrashReports, which is dedicated to that.

We can still refer to these issues from the (curated) Natron issues.

GitHub was an example, and using a different repo is an non-issue. The goal is to go “serverless”, less stuff to maintain.

Sorry for bumping an old thread.

I need crash reporting on Windows at work, so I did a snapshot with a local crash reporter if someone else need it

This version just generates an HTML and open it in your default browser.

Unsure if this is something for upstream, as we should probably move to Crashpad (if the work is worth the effort) to get support for all platforms.

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