Crash using local contrast then placing in queue or sending to Photoshop

When I use the local contrast option ( default settings ) on images shot
using my Canon R5 and the EF16-35 F4L lens, Rawtherapee crashes on
putting the image in the processing queue or when opening
it in Photoshop from Rt.
Images shot with other lenses do not cause a crash.

I am using the RawTherapee_macOS_10.15_x86_64_5.8-3065-g9c5ce0d9b version
on my Mac mini M1.
The RawTherapee_macOS_11.3_arm64_5.8-3065-g9c5ce0d9b is not stable enough for me.

I attached an image from that camera-lens combination and the crash dump
CrashOnLocalContrast.txt (153.2 KB)
20210323-R05_1095.CR3 (64.0 MB)

I changed the title slightly to match your description more closely. Adjust it if I am inaccurate.

Excellent, thank You.

I don’t have a Mac. @HIRAM does and builds RT occasionally.

I’ll have to make another build with a more recent lensfun component.