Crashed while editing, now HD has 11 GB less free space (Windows 11)

Hello all,

GIMP crashed after several minutes of grinding and hoarding RAM, and now my HD contains 11 GB less free space. I have uninstalled GIMP, but I assume that there is a large amount of useless temp data somewhere. I have checked under user–> appdata, but I don’t see any large files.

I was merely cutting out the foreground of a relatively small .jpg (less than 3MB). GIMP immediately ate all of my cpu utilization and maxed out my 12GB of RAM.

I would be grateful on any suggestions regarding the location of this assumed file dump. Again, I have since uninstalled the app, and there is no longer a GIMP folder under program files (x86 or otherwise).

Many thanks!

try the tools in windows properties for that drive and do the system clean…see what it finds… might find any temp stuff…

Thanks for your message. I tried using disk cleanup and all of the native utilities with which I am familiar, but no luck so far. I am now sorting my entire local drive by ‘date modified’, which will take lord-knows-how-long. I am including hidden files, so perhaps I will get lucky…

You can also use WinDirStat to find out which files are large.

Just one explanation that comes to mind: perhaps due to a bug, GIMP tried to reserve a great amount of memory, which caused the pagefile to enlarge dynamically? Then gimp finally crashed. Would be weird, though, why Windows wouldn’t shrink the pagefile back after the reservations have been freed…

Many thanks for your suggestion. If nothing else, I learned of a great utility today by running WinDirStat.

I ran the utility and did not see any mysteriously large files – anything above 1GB or so was known and accounted for (Steam games and media)… My pagefile size is 12.9 GB. I have no idea whether this is ‘typical’ or not. I have never tampered with my virtual memory settings and have always left that business to Windows. I should also note that I have rebooted several times. Additionally, I reinstalled GIMP, ran the app briefly, and then uninstalled it again.


quick edit: to reiterate, my system has 12GB of RAM. I tried to google a ‘typical’ or normal pagefile size for these specs with Win11, but I did not find a clear answer.

I assume you have checked the total used in %TEMP%.

On my Windows 11 laptop, that has 16 GB memory:

C:\>dir /as
 Volume in drive C is *****
 Volume Serial Number is ******

 Directory of C:\

29/10/2022  01:34    <DIR>          $Recycle.Bin
26/10/2022  01:55    <JUNCTION>     Documents and Settings [C:\Users]
28/08/2023  15:00            12,288 DumpStack.log.tmp
28/08/2023  15:00     6,779,379,712 hiberfil.sys
28/08/2023  15:00     1,073,741,824 PageFile.sys
28/08/2023  15:00        16,777,216 swapfile.sys
26/01/2023  20:17    <DIR>          System Volume Information

I don’t know if that helps.

Thanks for your insight! Speak of the devil, after three hours and four reboots, pagefile suddenly shrank back down to about 800MB. That was the issue.

I normally run a pretty tight ship (for Windows 11) and idle at around 28% memory utilization. Even while gaming, I don’t remember ever maxing out the system memory. I guess Windows just needed time to deflate pagefile…

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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Run Directory Report as an admin
It will show where all your disk space is being used
Even in hidden directories