Crashing Natron on Apple M2


I want try Natron 2.5.0 run on MacOS M2. It appears to me Natron quit unexpectedly. I stored details to file. You can find that attached files.

natron_error.txt (65.2 KB)

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This is a known issue, try Release Natron 2.5.1 pre1 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub or Release Natron 2.6-pre builds (with Apple Silicon support) · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub

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Thank you for quick response.

Firstly I tried 2.5.1 pre but It appeared to me download new version as dialog when I clicked ok, it downgraded 2.5.0 version. It doesn’t work. But 2.6 working correctly.