create contact sheets with GIMP


How to create a contact sheet with photos in gimp?


I’m taking a course on photography but it’s all given with non-free software that I don’t intend to use outside the course.

I plan to do everything I learn with gimp, rawtherapee(ART or darktable) and digikam…

I’m going to need help regularly! :slight_smile:

Google your question and you should find the answer there. I just did and saw that there is a relevant youtube video. BTW, I teach imaging and I hate the way Universities, schools and others all believe the world revolves around Adobe. I teach GIMP and darktable mainly to my students. Fewer and fewer people are wanting to learn Photoshop and lightroom. I suspect the subscription model drives many people away.

I believe Adobe Bridge can make contact sheets and a little known fact is that Adobe Bridge can be legitimately downloaded free of charge (at least was the case when I last looked).

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I downloaded Faststone viewer to do this. Works well.

That is true, but I believe Bridge has been discontinued for a while already, at least its original, for the lack of a better word, form. I have not checked if they restored its functionality.

Filters > Combine > FilmStrip perhaps?

Plenty of potions (including those that remove sprocket holes).

Otherwise, load in your image viewer and take a screenshot…

For Gimp:
There is an old python plugin - Attached, unzip put in your Gimp User Profile plug-ins folder.

Also, give it a try but it crashes my kubuntu Gimp 2.10.36

Others XnViewMP will generate a contact shhet.

Comparison (8.0 KB)


Thank you for your reply.
I’m on GNU/Linux and use only free software, the course I’m taking uses adobes software.
Even if you can download an official version of Adobe Bridge for free, I don’t want it.

I do the course work with adobe on the school’s computers, but I’d like to develop my skills only with free software.

At least others have made some good FOSS suggestions that should work on linux.

Then give gThumb a try, under Tools you’ll find the option Contact sheet, select your photos and there you go. Numerous ways to alter the appearance, default is this:

I forgot: G’Mic has a montage filter as well.