Creating a lineart drawing from a picture


I’m trying to tranform pictures to get some kind of lineart drawing as output.

I’m currently using the g’mic filters “black and white”, “graphic” novel and “pen drawing” (in this order) to achieve an allready quite nice result. However I would like to get an even more “simplified” and clear output, maybe someone has some tips to better my workflow? I’m quite happy with the result, but I feel I should be able to achieve an even motre realistic lineart outcome.

An example. Input:


Which after some additional cleaning becomes;

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I like it.

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Having tried this many times, you should be satisfied with your results, it looks quite good.

You can use levels & Gaussian blur to smooth the lines in the final output, but it doesn’t look to pixelated to me. You can see the technique here:
They’re rounding edges, but you can use the same technique to smooth pixelized lines.


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If you want less ‘infill’, try these.

Given the large blocks of colour, GMIC’s Contours>Edges works pretty well with default settings:

Another way is to remove some detail with any of the methods mentioned above and then use GMIC’s Black&White>Engrave or Black&White>Charcoal

Although noisier, the following is GMIC’s Contours>Laplacian with GIMP’s Colours>Threshold applied:

Play with the threshold settings to balance noise and detail.

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Perhaps one of the new fancy neural algorithm we discussed here works for you:

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I used to create this one:


Thank you for all the suggestions. What bugs_rep is proposing is closer to what I would like to achieve, i’ll give it a try and play with the options.


I wish to do an engrave of a video or images from the linea of commando. As it could do this with gmic?

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Possibly? One problem I could see is if the edge-finding is started from scratch for each frame (I think it is). This would make the resulting video sort of jerky with disconnected line segments. Might be worth a shot, though! :smiley:


I achieved it. I export each picture with ffmpeg and process the images one by one…

gmic -i mpv-shot0001.jpg -v 0 -gimp_engrave 0.222222,7.01754,0.409357,3.74269,43.8596,4,0,1,5.38012,1,62.1053,12.2807,39.1813,1,0

It use this guide

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New G’MIC can actually process video files too, if you don’t want to export all the frames.


i have version 1.7.9