Creating Aligned SHO Stacks

If I wanted to work with SHO images with Siril and I wanted to align the 3 narrowband layers … how do I go about doing so in Siril?

In DSS I could register the Ha, OIII, and SII layers using a single reference file that isn’t stacked with the layer group it belongs to. Is their an equivalent of using a phantom reference stacking image without really including it in the stack like DSS.

I have tried the RGB compositing feature but aligning the layers doesn’t seem to work or I may just be using it wrong.

Hello, in the RGB compositing tool, you can make a selection around a star, select the one star registration and click on align and it should work. Otherwise you can indeed rename your 3 files so that siril finds a sequence for them and make a global star registration, which will create new aligned images with rotation compensation too.