Creating correction profile from almost identical images?

Hello, I’d need some help with creating a correction profile for a filter I forgot to take off my lens. I know the difference is not great, but due to poor glass quality it made images somewhat softer.

I was wondering if I could take pictures of some grids or other patterns (using a tripod and making sure everything else stays equal) both with and without said filter, so that a model/correction profile can somehow be created, so that it applies/reverts the effect caused by the glass filter.

However I am not sure if this would be more neural network territory rather than raw adjustments.

Advice welcome, thank you.

Lensfun that RawTherapee uses will only correct vignetting, tca and distortion. Not softness.

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The softness should be recognized by Capture Sharpening

Thanks for your replies.

I am looking for something that can compare the two almost identical images (let’s call them A and B) and evaluate things so that whatever set of subtlendifferences is in B (compared to A), a set of effects or corrections can be calculated/applied to all kinds of B-type images t make them more like A-type images.

Sounds something for AI.

If capture sharpening does not work you could try DT and use the diffuse module. You would need one of the dev versions or better yet you could post one of these images in the playraw section and see what people can come up with…there may even be some filters in GMIC or some commandline magic in IMagemagik that someone might be able to suggest…just throwing out some options…