Creating / Editing a Digikam Theme


I like to customize Digikam interface. Changing font, colors, icons, change padding or margin of button (to make then bigger). I couldn’t find a page in the several online docs, except the faq :

" How to create a digiKam theme?" section.
The related link is
but is a 404 !

“~/.local/share/” mentioned in the FAQ exists, but there is no digikam content
However the “original files” are in “/Applications/”

Or is it a Qt question ?

How is managed themes for Digikam. Please note I’m on MacOs, not a linux distro.

Thanks :slight_smile:

An archived copy of that URL can be found here: Colors

“Theme” is a misnomer, these are really just color schemes. That is, they only change colors, nothing like padding, margins, size of items. As far as I can tell, the only thing you can change apart from colors, is the font size in the Configure window.