creator ntp automatic

I wish to create projects of automatic way for some animations.
I always have X layer that mix between if, to add effect in half.



It exists documentation of the XML or a way to create projects from bash?

See how we do it in the unit tests:

thanks!, It is just what wished. I go to test with my project.

Where can download NatronEngine for gnu/linux?

It’s installed with Natron

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I am not very programmer.
As I can test it?

the executable is called NatronRenderer on Linux and macOS, and NatronRenderer.exe on windows. It is installed at the same place as the Natron executable.

Very good. But this does not create an file “.ntp”

You can save the project from the python script:




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Already almost i have it, only that no as do a view:

viewer = app.createNode("fr.inria.built-in.Viewer")
viewer = app.Viewer1
viewer.connectInput(0, blur)

And reformat param for 1920x1080

Sorry, I don’t understand your last question?

I can create a project :smiley:
I want to add a viewer
I wish to modify the reformat in 1920x1080

Note: I am to automate by that i have to create 100 projects roughly

  1. you could write a python script that creates your Natron graph. You probably know the number of cameras and even the number of frames, so write something like this (or write a script that creates a script like this): Natron-Tests/ at master · NatronGitHub/Natron-Tests · GitHub and at the end of the script save the project using
    Then run the script through “NatronRenderer -l” and it creates tmpScript.ntp
    Doc for writing scripts is here:

  2. you could write a “toolset pyplug”, which is a python script that can be executed from the Natron GUI. The python code is in the createInstance function. One example is this one, which is included in Natron: Natron/ at RB-2.3 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub
    doc is here: toolsets are mentionned at the bottom

I am sorry, but I really do not have more time for this.

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