Crop settings for FujiFilm X-T4

I’m trying to get the camconst.json settings for a Fuji X-T4:
Without editing the file I get a black band on the edge of my raw files, editing the file (modifying the X-T3 settings) I can’t get the full height of a landscape raw (4126 pixels versus 4160).

Has anyone figured this out?


Hi @Steinberg2009 and welcome!

Ah, you have got hold of an X-T4 :slight_smile:
You have to tell how the IBIS works, especially in manual mode
as well as with a fully manual lens…

It ought to be the same image engine as in the X-T3, so I am surprised that
your modification does not work. Are you saving the RAW as full-RAW,
or prehaps as a compressed one?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Set verbose=true in options file. That will give you the initial crop dimensions.
Then set border to zero in demosaic tab of RT, set demosaic to ‘None’ and inspect the ouptut (count the wrong pixels at each border) to get the correct dimensions. Then add a camconst.json entry. I can assist further if needed.


I realised I copied someone’s X-T3 settings from this forum rather than modifying the existing. I will delete my changes, and try the above instructions tonight (I’m at the office again right now…)
Thanks for the swift replies!


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Ok after setting border to 0 and and demosaic to none i get 78 black pixels on the RH edge.
The navigator box says the image dimensions are: 62764140
Wikipedia says the resolution should be 6240
4160 so I’m confused…

Other raw converters clip off a few pixels from the sides.

Ok so when creating my

"raw_crop": ... 


[0, 0, 6198, 4140]

be correct?

I.e. the original 6276 - the 78 black pixels?

I just looked for the values in camconst.json of dev branch :wink:

    { // Quality C
        "make_model": [ "FUJIFILM X100V", "FUJIFILM X-T4" ],
        "dcraw_matrix": [ 13426,-6334,-1177,-4244,12136,2371,-580,1303,5980 ], // DNG_v12.2 D65
        "raw_crop": [ 0, 5, 6252, 4140 ]

Edit: If that does not work correctly with your file, please upload an example.

Hi - thanks!
That gets me an image that is 6238x4126

The black border is gone which is great, but I’m losing about 34 pixels on the height - does that seem like a lot?

At the moment that’s all you can get with current RT. I just tried to get more rows. It works in my test, but I have to change some code…

Hi all,

I am a bit puzzled here…
exiftool reports exactly the same Image sizes for X-T4 as for X-T3, viz.

Raw Image Full Size : 6384x4182
Raw Image Cropped Size : 6240x4160
Image Size : 6240x4160

So why does not the X-T3 settings work, size-wise?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Because of this:

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I will make a commit later today which allows to get 6252 x 4176 (if border is set to zero instead of 7) pixels for X-T4 files…



Thank you for your help! and @Claes in reference to your original post - that was why I got this model. I’m a film Leica person with mainly vintage-ish glass (nothing especially fancy). I needed a camera to make some high-quality video recordings of musical performance (due to the pandemic) and this seemed like a decent compromise to use my existing lenses.


I love my X-T4 and was also puzzled by the vertical black band on the right side in RawTherapee. I don’t also have an X-T3, so I don’t know if it shows up with that model as well. Both cameras use the exact same sensor. I just figured it would be fixed in an upcoming release and that looks to be the case.

Hello, I own a Fujifilm X-S10 and I seem to have a similar problem: images have a vertical black border of about ~20-30 pixels (on horizontal photos) or horizontal black border (on vertical photos).

Is there a fix or setting I can change in the config for this? Or do I have to wait for the next release of RT?

Thanks for your help!

Same Border Problem with my Fuji X-S10
Otherwise, Rawtherapee is really exceptional. Thanks to all developers!

That’s fixed in nightly builds.

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Thanks for the fix!
Is there an AppImage build of the nightly build?