Crop Tool select area question

I photograph flowers and most of them I crop in DT. I like to zoom and pan with my mouse in darkroom, then select the Crop Tool. But it doesn’t understand that I want to crop to the portion on the image shown, I have to zoom out and figure which edges and panning to get to where I originally had.
Can a preset be made to automatically crop to image area shown?

Not to the best of my knowledge, no.

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I crop often, and the simplest method I’ve found is to set the crop to a preset aspect ratio and then turn it on, then resize/crop as desired. With aspect ratio selected you can resize the crop window and pan it wherever you’d like.


I made a feature request for this a few years back… I don’t think it got any traction…

I am not aware of any program that does this. I would just follow @AdamFromCanada suggestion. I just select the crop ratio, orientation and crop out the unwanted while looking at the full image. It works quickly and efficiently and achieves what you need anyway.