Cropping fails in 1.21.2

Hello Alberto,

Type 1.21.2 on LinuxMint 21.3. Work in the Transform Module: If I cut an image, example in the ratio of the original image, then the image bounces and it is not shown the selected detail. Also during subsequent storage, the image appears slipped and does not show the desired selected region.

I installed 1.21.1 back because i needed this cropping modul much. Thank you realy very much for your Work and ART!!!

Thanks for the feedback, but I didn’t understand, sorry… Can you maybe upload a short video showing the problem? Thanks!

Hallo Alberto,

No video, unfortunately :wink: But I’m trying to describe it again.

Image loaded in ART 1.21.2. The image in the display screen-filling reduced. Then changed into the transform module. There the frame is machined with the cutting tool in the image, a smaller cutout is set. Now briefly the actually selected range is displayed, but at the next moment the cutout moves downwards. So the picture bounces up a bit.
In another attempt, I reduced the image by mouse wheel in the representation. Now I could actually set the desired cutout (of course both times with confirmation)
In both tests, however, the image section did not correspond to the desired after storing.

Additional note: When I opend the image in 1.21.1 and the correspondingly temporarily stored processing steps were loaded there, I briefly shocked, as the image was also initially like jumping. But here I was able to correct the cutout completely normal with the cutout tool without the picture jumping again.

Can’t you try to make one? There are several free tools to do that…
Anyway, I’ll try to reproduce. Did you build art yourself or did you use one of the binaries?


Hello Alberto,

Art was from your Downloads, not self compiled…

But now I am unsettled and speechless :wink:
I installed Art 1.21.2 once again to test it again. I don’t have any videotool right now.

So two more tests. Once from Digikam the image loaded in kind and once again executed the described steps, with another try the image loaded directly from the desktop in kind … in both attempts it now ran as expected. Very mysterious, but it seems to work quite normal again. I don’t know what happened.
Please excuse the excitement :slight_smile:

No worries…let me know if it happens again