CSS Help - How can I dim these icons from white to grey?

Hello, I’m using a user-created css theme from this forum. I love it but these white icons make it seem as if the module is active. I’d rather have it grey, then turn orange when activated. Anyone skilled at CSS willing to help? Also, I want the “reject” button to be red – is that possible if the overall theme is orange? I know css has certain limitations but if you can make “reject” red that’d be amazing.

Screenshot 2023-09-30 095824

Attaching the css zip below.
user.zip (4.9 KB)

Thank you!

It’s in line 79

@define-color button_fg @grey_01;

This is when I change to grey_25:


It will propably also darken other stuff, I haven’t looked what else might be affected. Shouldn’t be a big problem, I think.


Hi @rastreetcanvas,

Check these diffs (one is yours, the other mine; based on @difrkaguilar’s original css)
diff.txt (380 Bytes)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

This is perfect! You’re the best.

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for the reject button you can define this:

/* test color */
@define-color red_00 #c01c28;

The thumbnails infos section:

color: @red_00;

For the off buttons in my case I set:

/* selection box in lighttable, scroll bars and selections icons */
@define-color grey_40 #5e5e5e;

/* GTK Buttons and tabs */
@define-color button_fg @grey_40;

(PS. This is an advanced test of the new update that I’ve to do to My Personal Theme). :wink:

Greetings from Havana, Cuba.


Just a precision on all that, @define-color are main color settings. So changing those lines for one part could also change color for other parts that use same @define-color line.

For example, here the line @define-color button_fg, if you search button_fg, you could find where this is used. Here it’s ok as it’s used only one time on line 403 on main darktable.css theme.

That also means that you could also change on that line by changing color or link to another @define-color line.

Here, that active/inactive button is set by default on inactive with .dt_module_btn class that you see around line 403.
Then focus mode is set on line 615

@difrkaguilar: for reject button, it’s also started on line 2125.

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I have seen the error with the reject button, before I put it as orange and did not change it to the default values (darktable.css) which is actually red.