CTL scripts in ART, some examples

Hello, I’ve been playing with some of the new CTL scripts in ART and I thought I’ll share some examples here, in case someone is interested. I am at least, it’s fascinating to use!

First one, called Film Density. There are just two sliders, one for Saturation, the other for Density. It gives me the impression of looking at an analogue print. Left: raw opened with default profile + some exposure correction. On the right the result.

The following two are made with the Tetrahedral Color Warping scripts, the first one is the HSL variant. Upper left original + exposure, the others by using the three HSL sliders on the blue channel only.

The RGB variant of the Tetra script produces quite different colors. Here I used the sliders with more color channels. Again, the image upper left is the original with some exposure correction.


Another filter, Color Cast Correction, made by Japanese ART translator @yasuo, Ohnishi, Yasuo. Target color: mostly Cyan. Upper left: original + exp. corr.


What is the effect of the density slider alone?

No effect, it works in cooperation with the saturation slider.

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