CTL WB script changes WB with all sliders at zero

Version: 1.21-17-g20159fbe0
Branch: master
Commit: 20159fbe0
Commit date: 2023-12-22
Compiler: cc 13.2.0
Processor: Znver2
System: Windows

It’s fairly minor but when I enable the WB and Primaries Correction script there’s a perceptible magenta shift even with all sliders at zero. Here’s a direct comparison viewed in XnView MP’s A-B compare mode (disabled left, enabled right):


Is that normal / expected? It’s independent of any other settings or adjustments. Regardless of whatever else is or isn’t done, it still shifts.

Previously (naturally) I’ve used the White Balance tool, so it’s not a factor, but I was curious about this script.


Thanks for testing! It was indeed a bug, should be fixed now.

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I also fixed the subject line (changed WC to WB). I think “WC” means “water closet”, i.e., toilet, so that wasn’t quite right… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Although I have to say, ART seems to be much higher quality than most of the plumbing in my house! LOL


I’m getting an error message in the odt.clt script. This is on a manjaro linux desktop. My computer just flashing on the screen that there is an error reading the odt.ctl so I don’t have any additional information. This is with the new scripts that I just downloaded from git.

Just a random thought - Did you copy _artlib.ctl into the ctlscripts folder as well? Maybe there’s a dependency.

Without looking in the script I can’t say for sure (not that I’m up on CTL syntax anyway).

Yes I got the _artlib script. The readme points out this is needed.

you can try running ART-cli --check-lut /path/to/odt.ctl from a terminal and see what error messages you get

I updated the ART program itself and now it seems to read the scripts fine.