CTRL control (comic strip)


Q. Who does this?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A. I do but with a different key combination. :stuck_out_tongue::blush:


Pffttt… real men (and women) use undo branches :nerd_face:

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Oh my god that’s a thing. Today I Learned.

Cool feature…almost enough to make me take another look at vim…but not quite! :wink:

It’s not just programming. This has happened to me while working in SolidWorks a few times. One time I remember my elbow accidentally mousing in a component delete, causing a steam of ctrl-z’s and y’s. Sometimes you don’t notice the error until you hit the right domino, then sit back and watch the errors cover the feature tree. Also things disappearing into the clipboard and the feeling of great relief and joy at something being revived with a ctrl-c.