CUBE files need to have lower case file extensions to be loaded into G'MIC


G’MIC 2.4.5 plug-in for GIMP (2.10.8); Windows 10

If I want to use a *.cube file in G’MIC (Film Emulation > User Defined) I have to change the file extension from uppercase to lowercase, otherwise G’MIC will show an error message in the preview window.


Windows is case-insensitive but the G’MIC interpreter isn’t.


I’m fully aware of that fact. What G’MIC should do, though, is the reasonable thing, which is to accept both uppercase and lowercase file extensions. This is just a minor code fix. Otherwise users on all supported platform would have to change the file extensions manually or via a script after downloading CLUTS.


Let me put it another way.

If Windows is case insensitive, then it doesn’t matter whether you use *.CUBE or *.cube; both access the exact same file address. Conversely, if you change the interpreter, it would affect many more things than that.


If Windows is case insensitive, then it doesn’t matter whether you use *.CUBE or *.cube

It is not. That’s the whole point of this bug report. If you try to load a cube file with an uppercase file extension, G’MIC diplays an error message. It only works with lowercase file extensions. This is a bug.


What I am saying is that you may access the *.CUBE using *.cube. Case sensitivity is a choice made by design and not a bug. Changing things to accommodate this specific use case has a lot of consequences, whereas you just need to type the file extension differently and it still goes to the correct files.

I am not speaking on behalf of @David_Tschumperle; I just think that this is not much of an issue.


Are you for real? There shouldn’t be a difference between *.CUBE and *.cube. Imagine an image editing software that can only open *.jpeg but no *.JPEG files, let alone *.jpg or *.JPG!

(G'MIC staff) #9

This was indeed a bug.
This is already fixed in the latest pre-release of G’MIC (2.5.0_pre).
Thanks for reporting !

EDIT : Should be also OK for 2.4.5, after a filter update.


Thanks @David_Tschumperle. Sorry guys for leading the conversation to nowhere. Should probably rest more and take care of my fever. :hot_face:


It is. Thanks for fixing!