Culling raw and matching JPG

I use darktable for culling raws and am wondering if there is way to cull matching jpg at same time?

I shoot in raw + jpg and like to save both to my storage - sometimes jpgs are all I need to quickly get photos out, but like the option of going back to retouch as wanted.

I only load the raws into darktable and leave the jpgs in a sub-folder. Once I’m finished culling the raws, they no longer match with the set of jpgs. Is there anyway to synchronise this?

I’m using Linux so I’m assuming if it can’t be done in darktable there may be a script I could use to find matching file name in sub-older with different extension and remove?

I know this isn’t an answer to your exact question, but it’s an alternative. Geeqie can be used for culling. It’s fast, and it will pair raw and JPEG and delete both at once. The only problem relative to your setup is I don’t think it can pair raw and JPEG when they are not in the same directory.

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I recently posted a bunch of scripts to that effect. My technique is to use the JPG to cull, and then remove the matching CR2., but that would be a small change.

Darktable puts RAW and JPEGs in a group during import, even when the files are located in different folders. Click on the G icon up to the image previews to show only the master image of a group. After this, RAW+JPEG will be handled like one image in the lighttable. This will also apply to culling mode. In culling mode, you can use the ‘r’ key to reject the images you want to delete. After this, remove all rejected images with the usual filter/select/remove steps.

Note that Darktable 3.0 has a bug in the file operations, which will remove only the master image of a group when you want to delete the whole group (e.g. in culling mode). It will ask you if it should delete 2 images (RAW and JPEG), but will delete only the RAW and keep the JPEG. However, the workflow using reject and filter/select/remove afterwards which I described above works fine. You may combine that with “show all but rejected” filter in culling mode, so the images disappear after you reject them.

FYI: the mentioned bug is fixed in git master. I’ll prepare a pull request so it can be included in the next 3.0.x release.

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Does it work for you even when raw and jpg are in different folders? I ask confirmation, because it does not for me (sames names except extensions, different subfolders, same import) and it never has.

Hum, I thought I used this once, maybe with 2.6. At least with Version 3 it doesn’t work for me.

Another issue with culling/deleting is that if you select a bunch of images in lighttable, press Delete, but your mouse happens to be hovering over some other unrelated image, then dt will want to delete the one you’re hovering over.