Culling with Digikam.

I am getting used to Digikam and trying to integrate it into my darktable/Affinity photo workflow.
When I access a card from my camera with digikam, I can’t find a way to mark photos as “picks” or something equivalent to download only a selected few.
Secondly, I like to rename my files to [camera model]-[date]-[time].extension : I found how to do the date and time thing but not the camera model. The workaround I found was to rename the files afterwards, once on my hard drive.
Thirdly, is there a way to tell Digikam to ignore the filename.xmp files and to use exclusively filename.ext.xmp files?

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I delt with that in the past but finally, I deleted all .xmp and kept the .raw.xmp to get things straight.

I’ve been looking for this same feature so I can make a video for my FOSS Edits channel. Unfortunately, I’m not finding a good way to cull before downloading like you describe. I’ll post something if I get it figured out, though.

The explicit use of only Basename.EXT.xmp or Basename.xmp depending on the settings in the metadata settings for sidecars (compatible sidecar file name) has only recently been implemented for digiKam-8.0.0. Otherwise, Basename.xmp was preferred until then if present.

Furthermore, with digiKam-8.0.0 it will be possible to use the metadata for renaming during import and thus also the camera model.

However, digikam created <basename>.<ext>.xmp files.

That’s right, the idea was to make the switch easier for Lightroom users, for example. Therefore, if Basename.xmp was present, it was always used. This will no longer be the case in digiKam-8.0.0 and will address the sidecar setting for compatible filenames.

Maybe to make it a bit clearer, Basename.xmp was preferred for reading, the setting applied for writing. It is clear that this was illogical and bad, so it has now been changed.

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Cool, thanks for the information about this new option in the upcoming version!

Very excited about this new release. I downloaded the dev v8 version and it is integrating much better with darktable. Colour labels, ratings and tags are working.
In the import menu, the [cam] variable gives me what I wanted.
I found that you can give star ratings (0 or 1 for example) to the images on the SD card, then by sorting items by star rating, I can select the 1 star photos in one go to import them.

Huh. Perhaps I’m missing something, but that already works.

The only one from those not transferring for me (digikam 7.x) are the colour labels and “pick flags” (the red|yellow|green flags you can assign in digikam). And as there’s a fundamental difference in how colour labels are used in the two applications, that didn’t surprise me (digikam assign(s|ed) at most one colour label to an image, darktable allows you to assign multiple labels to an image). And darktable doesn’t use the concept of "pick flags at all…

Star ratings, titles, tags, and descriptions transfer quite well between the two programs.

This is something I really wish digikam would change. There have definitely been times where assigning more than one colour would have been useful.

Agreed, but that’s a different discussion

Just curious, why download through the camera instead of using a card reader ?

My computer and programs treat the card reader the same as if it were any other drive/folder.

What operating system are you using ?


I am on MacOS, I have taken to using a card reader now, still having problems assigning star ratings and picks in import window. The keyboard shortcuts don’t work (option+3 for green flag, command+3 for three stars) although they work in the album window. I can assign stars by clicking on the thumbnail but the sorting was working the other day but I can’t get it to work today.
Also, if I add a card in the card reader while digikam is in use, it takes a while to refresh to get access to the volume.
All in all, I find it very quirky!