Curious issue with Raw Therapee

Hi, I’ve been using Raw Therapee for a few years, lately, however, it got really really slow and I couldn’t figure out any good reason for that. So, I tried to upgrade (from 5.4 to 5.8) and it seemed to fix the slowness issue (it still is a bit slow but not at all like 5.4).

However, now instead it seems that some of my raw pics (I use a Fujifilm X-t3 and only shoot in raw). cannot be edited with Raw Therapee. When I click an image to open it in the Editor it just turns black with no data showing up in the histogram). This does not apply to all pictures but to several of them, but I cannot figure out what the difference is between pics that work and pics that doesn’t.

Any ideas?

can you attach a non-preview RAF file?

Hi Philip, thanks for trying to help here and sorry for my late reply…

As it turned out I had previously recovered these photos after being deleted from the memory card. (forgot that I did). And when trying to open them in Capture One instead it was obvious that these files were damaged. Its odd though that they looked fine in Raw Therapee thumbs and opened just fine in FastStone Image Viewer (which I use to browse and screen my pics before going to Raw Therapee since RT is so slow).

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Thanks for the informative update.

In first preview most programs including RT and probably also FastStone show the jpeg that is embedded in the RAW. Once you open th RAW, the preview changes to a miniature of the decoded file which in your case is corrupted.
I think FastStone can, like IrfanView that I use, decmosaic RAW by itself. Try to activate this setting. Likely the result will also be black or garbled.

Sounds like the raw is corrupted but the jpeg preview is fine. If these pictures were important to you, try installing exiftool,
and then running the command:

exiftool -b -PreviewImage DSCF3552.RAF > DSCF3552.jpg

Change the file name to whatever files you are trying to recover. Note I only tested this with intact Sony raw files. Your mileage may vary with corrupted Fujifilm raw files.

Hi Pat, thanks for this suggestion and sorry for my late reply. I went with Capture One instead as I found it to be a lot faster and more powerful in many ways.

I guess the exiftool might still be useful though, so again thank you!

hi may i ask a question please

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No need to ask whether you can ask, just ask :slight_smile:

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