Cursors too small

Hi, does anyone know which parameter to work on to increase the size of the triangles of the cursors in the various modules?
Thanks.Schermata 2020-05-11 alle 17.52.09

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Not possible. Instead you can:

  • hover your mouse over it and use the mouse wheel
  • right click and love your mouse left/right
  • right click and use the arrow keys
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Thanks, I forgot it.
But in parametric masks it doesn’t work

Not a direct answer to your question but a hint how you can help yourself. On Linux GTKInspector is a very useful tool to explore the hierarchie and the properties of UI components. As a short example I use a slider for the parametric mask (input or output, sorry, in german, but I think you understand nevertheless).

This first screenshot above shows that we have a GtkDarktableGradientSlider. And we can take a look at the hierarchie :

Next we can look at the properties of the selected component :

and the CSS knots defining the properties of the selected component :

The tool offers a lot of further options. It enables you to find the name of a component and the location where it’s properties are defined.

That’s the good way but those sliders can’t be set with CSS anyway more than they are. They are bauhaus widget and size can’t be changed, unfortunately. Increase, just a little, the size, would indeed be good (and also have the possibility to adjust arrow color when clicking with right click). But that would need a hard rework of those parts.

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Factually entirely accurate. And this can be confirmed by browsing all CSS knots of the component. No knot to resize the small triangles of the component.

In Linux Mint 19.3 DT 3.1.0 the arrows seem slightly better than in macOS DT 3.0.2.

DT 3.1.0 Linux Mint 19.3

DT 3.0.2 macOS

I’m not a developer of dt, so only a presumption. For me, this looks like the small cursors depend on the font. Obviously you are using different fonts on macOS and Linux, and the mac screen seems to have a lower resolution. Possibly changing the font darktable uses on your mac may help.

LOL, I didn’t know that works on the input/output arrows too. I must remember that. Manual use requires superhuman skills.

I’m the CSS actual developer of darktable and I’ve just (merged this day) completely reworked CSS to improve all minor possible glitches and have a cleaner CSS. So I’m just quite sure to what’s possible or not on CSS. And I already talk about that with @aurelienpierre who had main the big work (Gtk and first release of darktable 3 CSS) last year about that. He even himself create an issue to query the idea to deprecate bauhaus widget and redraw them. The issue is still open:

And yes, cursors are quite font size related. Or to be more precise, the cursor is a part of an all-in-one widget (bauhaus widget) and that the widget who is size-related (so all things inside also but we can only adjust the widget, not the widget content). So here we can change size, padding, margins, colors of all slider and cursor but not only slider or cursor. That’s one of the limits of those widgets.


Thank you for the clarification. I had a look at bauhaus.c and bauhaus.h yesterday to figure out the relationship(s) between the cursors and their parent objects. But I gave up after some minutes : more than 100 kB of code and only few comments make it difficult for a non-developer…

Just updated to 3.1.0+1615 with your reworked CSS. The files are much clearer now and more systematic. And the font-size box in settings is a huge improvement. I could replace 7 individual tweaks in darktable.css and numerous other in darktable-elegant-grey.css by just reducing the font-size. Thank you for your time working on this !!!


3.1.0 is a development version, is there nothing for stable version 3.0.2?

You will have to clone git master and build yourself or you will have to wait for the next release.

You have to thank @elstoc also (I don’t know if it’s here) also as font size adding (and new preferences window) is from him.

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Development version is the work for next major one (so for the end of the year). On minor version (3.0.2 is a minor version), you will have only bugs fixes of the stable version and minor features adding (if they are not related to a major one added on development version. That’s the only to keep a “stable version”, stable. And next minor version will be out, if we have sufficient bug fixes and adds related to a minor. So impossible to say if we will have another minor one and if yes, when…

You could use master version but It’s recommended to follow what’s added as some major adds could break other things. So sometimes, You have some features that regressed. That how it’s a development version.