Custom GTK3-theme "blackfoxx" (and instructions to disable tooltips in RT)

Hi there :v:

The last few evenings I made a custom GTK3-theme for RawTherapee, which is based on TooWaBlue-GTK3-theme.
My intention was to have as less as possible color influences while processing RAW.
What I’ve changed:

  1. The blue accent colors, sliders and progress-bars to a 90% white.
  2. The highlighted text a bit brighter.
  3. The line spacing slightly reduced.
  4. The right panel a bit narrower.
  5. The “colors” of the remaining areas between dark- and medium grey.

I’ve created and tested it with RawTherapee 5.7 and new 5.8 under Win10 with a screen resolution of 2560x1440px @ calibrated and profiled BENQ. There were no issues, so far.

Some screenshots:

If you like it, you can download here: (9,2 KB)

Unzip it, copy/move “blackfoxx-GTK3-20_.css” to the “themes” folder of your RawTherapee installation directory, select “blackfoxx” in preferences and restart RawTherapee.

If you find some issues, let me know.




If you would like to “disable” tooltips completely:

  1. open the *GTK3-20_.css file of your applied theme with an text-editor
  2. search for the line (126 or 165) which starts with tooltip {
  3. add a new line below and paste opacity: 0;
  4. save and close the file, (re)start RawTherapee…

This makes tooltips 100% transparent.
So they will still pop-up, but nobody will see.

Unfortunately I found no other (easier) way to manage this “issue”.
The easiest way would be a checkbox in preferences, to switch tooltips on/off.
Maybe somebody is around here who can or would like to implement such a “feature”?!


Hello @blackfoxx

Thanks a lot!
Just tested on Windows 10 as well :slight_smile:

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Looks really good. Well done.
I would like to make some changes for my personal taste:

  1. Make sliders a darker grey, they keep drawing my eye away from the picture.
  2. Remove the thin white line borders from around some subsections (perspective correction).

Would you be able to point me to the right places in the css file?


Hey @blackfoxx

Regarding tooltips, see:

Thank you!

to 1:
Line 31 @define-color accent-color2 rgb(230,230,230);
change it to @define-color accent-color2 rgb(130,130,130); (for example)
You can adjust these 3 numbers between 0 (black) and 255 (white).
As long as all 3 numbers got the same value, it will result in a shade of grey.

to 2:
Line 55 @define-color border-color rgba(255,255,255,.30);
change it to @define-color border-color rgba(0,0,0,.0);
This will make these border lines 100% transparent. So they will be invisible.
This additional “a” behind “rgb” controls the transparency.
Value of 0=100% transparent, value of 100=0% transparent.

Regards :v:

Yes, I already saw. But for now I haven’t dealt enough with CSS, GTK3 and GUI stuff to help. Maybe later, if I should have the relevant expertise…
Unfortunately, I can only say how to completely hide or show these tooltips. But not to place them elsewhere, or which ones should be shown and which ones not.
Regards :v:

@blackfoxx many thanks for your detailed instructions.
I will give it a go…

Why would you disable tooltips? They are quite helpful imo…

Yes, for sure, for beginners. But if you are familiar with the software after some time, they might become annoying. Furthermore they are sometimes covering useful informations, such as parts of a curve, settings, sliders, menus or other tool options.


@blackfoxx list the worst offenders in the GitHub issue I linked above.

Nice job ! :grin:


@blackfoxx @agriggio
Sorry if this isn’t the right place to report this, not sure whether this is a problem with the theme or ART.
I have found the crop tool is a bit glitchy with this TooWaBlue or BlackFoxx theme.
If you don’t have ‘lock ratio’ box ticked when making the initial selection then the preview will display an incorrect crop.
Crop selected

Crop preview in BlackFoxx theme

Crop preview in RawTherapee theme

Have noticed this problem with versions in the past, then forgot about it. Seems to be a problem with a range of raw file types. I am on Windows 10 (reluctantly)
Hope this helps…

thanks for reporting, but there’s not much I can do I’m afraid… I’m only supporting the default theme, other contributions are welcome but I can’t maintain them, sorry

@agriggio Yes I would take that as given. The original themes were designed for RT. People may need to change them to get them to work with ART…

Hi :v:
As I don’t have ART installed currently, I can’t say something about that “issue”.
Unfortunately I’m very busy these days, so it might will take some time to find the cause.

I don’t think this is something that you should feel obliged to sort out. You created a theme that you use with RT and were kind enough to share it around. It mostly works with ART but this is a different piece of software going in a different direction so not surprising that not all themes are compatible with both.

Yes, for sure, I know what you mean :wink:
But maybe it’s just a small thing to do, to get it right…
I will definitely take a look, as soon as I have time for it again.

I’ve used the TooWaGrey theme in both ART and RT, and I haven’t noticed any particular problem… :thinking:

Perhaps the problems with the crop tool under these themes only happen in particular instances that I happened to be using. Seemed to be replicable though…