Custom Output Profile

I am using RawTherapee 5.8 on a M1 MacBook running MacOS Ventura 13.4. I am trying to add a custom output profile but I can’t get it to show in the dropdown menu. I added my profile to /Applications/ and I can see it in Preferences > Color Management > Printer (Soft Proofing) > Color Profile but it doesn’t show in the output profile dropdown menu. Any ideas?

Hello @Zhulien and welcome here!
If I’m not mistaken, you should restart RawTherapee after adding a profile.

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Yes, a restart is required (I’ve fallen into the same trap myself a few times). RT writes to the config files on shutdown.

Thanks! I did restart it (several times).However, I think I found the problem. The profile in question is CMYK and I found out that RawTherapee can’t export CMYK. So I guess it just doesn’t show it.

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