CustomChrome presets for RawTherapee

(Stefan Chirila) #21

Hey guys, so after many many failed attempts, I believe I partially tamed the monster. I posted the new tutorial on the blog:

RAW files and preset available. Enjoy, but do say thank you by sharing your opinion.

Here’s what happened, I was planning on having music in the background of my narrating and when I finished the video I realised I was so nervous I forgot to turn the music player on …doh! So I exported the sound of the video using Audacity as a FLAC and imported it into Ardour and mixed it in with the music I wanted. Then I exported as an ogg, removed the sound completely from the video and added the new sound to the video.

For those who care:

#remove sound
ffmpeg -i [input_file] -vcodec copy -an [output_file]

#with reencode
ffmpeg -i example.mkv -c copy -an example-nosound.mkv

#add sound
ffmpeg -i video.avi -i audio.mp3 -codec copy -shortest output.avi

#with reencode
ffmpeg -i video.avi -i audio.mp3 -c:v libx264 -c:a libvorbis -shortest output.mkv

(Stefan Chirila) #22

Will definitely check it out!

(Denis Testemale) #23

I just want to chime in and say thank you for this thread and the mention of Fuji 400H look! I’ve been looking for a long time for a color treatment that I’d like, I’ve tried all the variations of Kodakchrome and the like, but was never satisfied. So thanks @stefan.chirila for this mention of 400H and your tribute to it. I now use it daily thanks to the darktable styles of @t3mujin (thanks to him as well!). is definitely a very good source of inspiration and tools.


(Pat David) #24

It’s only as good as the community members that it’s made of. :slight_smile:

(Stefan Chirila) #25

I hear you! I’m dying to eventually know what elements give the 400H the illusive awesomeness it undoubtedly has!

(Denis Testemale) #26

Well, @patdavid , sure. But you did set up an amazing platform so that those members can get together and have a good time. That is invaluable.

(Stefan Chirila) #27

Progress is slow. But new presets almost there. Carpathica has a box :slight_smile:

(Stefan Chirila) #28

Good NEWS!
Got the customCHROME project accepted on the Gratipay platform (a platform to sponsor open source projects) check it out here: :slight_smile:

(Stefan Chirila) #29

Hey guys, I am pretty much ready to update he site with the new presets. I would like to have some reviews and perhaps opinions on what situations you find the presets better for and such.

What I’m asking is; is there any volunteer out there interested to test them?

Reference: NEW customCHROME packs - Holiday Indoor and Carpathica [rawtherapee presets]

(Stefan Chirila) #30

Carpathica is up and ready for download.

(Brianne) #31

@stefan.chirila I’m totally enjoying these presets! Thanks for sharing!

(Stefan Chirila) #32

Thanks @Briannelinder! Feel free to post some samples of what you did with them :stuck_out_tongue: