Daffodils emerging, aka "did I use Color Calibration correctly?

Just started playing with my new toy, a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro and I took this quick shot of some young daffodils in my back yard. The original is true to life but not very interesting, so I wanted to see if I could use the darktable Color Calibration (CC) module to liven it up.

Raised exposure and kept Filmic at its default
Invoked CC to add colorfulness to brighten the green
Invoked a second CC instance with parametric mask to color the mulch
Added a gradient vignette using Exposure to separate the background

The time and effort with CC were surprisingly fast and effective.

Below is the edited version along with the original before any edits:

_MG_1048.CR2 (22.9 MB)
_MG_1048_03.CR2.xmp (35.3 KB)

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And here is the SOOC with just the default DT opening settings and no additional edits:


My fingers were faster than my brain… I forgot to add the source file. I went back and put it with above the XMP

Those inspiring words and your edit led to this.

_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (15.3 KB) _MG_1048_01.CR2.xmp (15.8 KB)
This one was done using the Rodilius filter in G’mic, layered in normal and reduced in opacity.


These are my favorite flowers. Here in the SE US, we call them jonquils.

dt 3.4.1

_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (8.6 KB)


Just playing around a bit.

_MG_1048.jpg.out.pp3 (33.6 KB)

DT3.4 scene-referred workflow

_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (13.7 KB)

Nice. Spring is coming! (at least on the northern half of the globe :wink: ).

_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (9.9 KB)

Thanks… Spring must really have a lot of lustre where you come from! I’ll have to study how you acheived the effects!

Here in Northern Virginia we have daffodils, and jonquils are a smaller variety. I like them because the squirrels leave them alone. Your edit is very realistic!

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It looks good… thanks!

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That comes pretty close to what I arrived at. Thanks!


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ART 1.8.2

_MG_1048.jpg.out.arp (11.2 KB)

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Hi Dave, nice edit. You have used CC module well. Another great module to use for working colors is the color zones module. If you haven’t looked at that module I would recommend having a look at the documentation and experimenting. I use it to lift or subdue specific colours in an image by changing saturation and lightness based upon the color zones.

Thanks, Terry. I use Color Zones quite a bit and I’ve been experimenting with how I can use it as a kind of alternate tone curve where I can create custom vibrance profiles instead of relying on single sliders in other modules. It’s a great module, but sometimes I find it creates “splotchy” skies if I push it too hard

I wanted to see specifically how far I could use the new CC module alone, and I found that I was able to brighten colors, empahsize the new bright yellow-green top and highlight the older blue-green base, and also make the scene more vibrant. I think I would have had a harder time with the Zones

I certainly appreciate and learned from everyone who played along. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Having some fun with the new color balance rgb module of darktable.
With dt 3.5.

_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (10.4 KB)


_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (15,3 Ko)


darktable 3.50
_MG_1048.CR2.xmp (15,3 Ko)

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