DAM Options (with more intuitive access to external editor)

Hi there!

I’ve been on the search for an appropriate DAM solution.

I currently use digiKam, which I like, but am unsatisfied with the limited options for opening files with different apps. I know you can open the file with the default shell app, but I’m unwilling to setup my photo editing app as the default for JPEGs.

I don’t particularly need the internal editors which come with digiKam but am somehow forced to use. I much rather use RawTherapy, and choose between GIMP and Affinity for these operations.

Any suggestions on OpenSource (or fairly inexpensive) solutions until digiKam offers an “open with…” operation?

Thanks in advance!

PS I have read that this operation is available in Linux version of digiKam. Any news on it coming to Win10?

There is basic DAM functionality in both RawTherapee and darktable.

You haven’t said what other needs you have of your DAM, but both applications meet what you’ve specified so far.

Yes, you’re right, I didn’t specify very well.

I should have mentioned that I find the organizational and viewing features of digiKam superior to those in darktable (RawTherapee is far too limited as a DAM), plus it keeps its database of thumbnails and metadata like a true DAM. The viewing options, such as the Lighttable are also, imo, superior to darktable and the GUI is also more intuitive.

I basically need digiKam with the ability to open the file with a user-defined application.

On my system, if I right-click on a thumbnail in digiKam, I have the option to select a new application for opening the imagefile. Is this what you are looking for? Does your version of digiKam allow this?

Yes, that would be what I’m looking for – unfortunately, not in my version (Win10, 64bit, 5.9.0-1). Are you running it on Linux? I have read online that digiKam for Linux has this feature but not in Win.

The only way to open the file in an external app is under the Item menu or keyboard shortcut Meta+F4.


It is not open source but isn’t Adobe Bridge Free?

It allows you to assign external editors on a per file type basis.

Another thing you might take a quick look at is the Fastone Image Viewer. It is not exactly a DAM but it has grown into have most of the DAM related features over time.

Yeah, Bridge is free. I gave it a try but didn’t like it somehow. I’ll check out Fastone! Thanks for the tip!

Adobe Bridge isn’t supported anymore and I don’t consider it to be free. Personally, I use IrfanView (freeware) as a general purpose image viewer. It has lots of tools, settings and plugins that you can play around with. I use it mostly because I have used it for a long time and find it good enough for my purposes.

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Yes, I’m running digiKam on Linux.

OK, one other thing that can be done on Linux - maybe also on Windows? Open digiKam and select the thumbnail of the image you want to open. Also open the editing application. Arrange the windows so both digiKam and the editing application are visible. Then “drag” the thumbnail from digiKam to the editing application. This isn’t as convenient as right-clicking and choosing an editing application. But at least on Linux it works even in odd cases where for whatever reason right-clicking doesn’t work.

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I could give that a try. Thanks!

I use digikam on both linux and windows. If I press meta + F4 on Windows it opens the file in darktable. If I want to open it in something else e.g. GIMP I just drag and drop. Works for me.

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I’ve been let down by Digikam years ago (not reliable database, some pictures not showing up in a folder where they were physically, upgrade problems, etc.). I searched hard another DAM and since I use XnViewMP, which is multi platform (MP) and has been very reliable, powerful and easy to use. On an image I can right click and choose the program or there are shortcuts for doing the same (Alt+1, Alt+2, etc.). I didn’t try under Windows (I’m using Linux) though.
I warmly recommend this program every time somebody asks me about a DAM to use.

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I’ll give that one a try!! Thanks!