Dark-flats processing


I am new to Astrophotography and planning to use Siril. I heard so many good things about Siril. Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful tool.

Yesterday I captured M42. As suggested by someone, since I have OSC camera(ASI533), I was told to ditch bias frame instead capture dark-flats. Now my questions is how do I process this in Siril?

I have flats, dark, flats and dark-flats. Is there a script I can use? Is there a documentation I can refer to ? Searching online did not give any reference to dark-flats in Siril.


darkflats and biases are almost same things.
Just put the darkflats in the bias directory and run the script.

Yea. That is what I figured. thanks.

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You may find a detailed tutorial for the processing with scripts here: Siril - Tutorial for a complete processing of astronomical images with Siril and its scripts
It mentions biases and dark-flats.

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Excellent page. Thanks for sharing. My whole experience is changed with Siril and it is easy for me to use now. I really appreciated that.

I have a question, right in the middle of instructions, Photometric color, there is a line says " * Click on Validate at last" where is that ? I don’t see that option?

Another question, I have taken 3 sets of exposures 30/60/120. Do I process each set separately or can I have it processed one step? If I do, separately, how do I do the HDR? Does Siril have option for HDR processing ?

Click on OK

Yes, do it separately and merge the results in a software like GIMP.