Darktabe for Windows slow?


Hi, I am using the newest version of Darktable for Windows on an Acer laptop. It has a dual-core i5 processor and 8gb of ram, video card nothing special.
Apparently, whatever I do with darktable, whichever filter I apply, it is slow. E.g. I change a tone curve and it takes at least 5 seconds until I see the effect. But it takes again some seconds if I just zoom in or out of the image until I see the image. Now I could understand this if it were a complex task such as noise reduction. But every little task appears to take forever. Btw I am editing 16 MP raws of an Olympus camera, my screen is 24 inch, fullhd.
Is there some special setting that could speed up the performance?
Thanks in advance
Edit: this appars to be related to the number of tasks I perform on the file. So it is “normal” isn’t it? The image is re-calculated every time and the edits are only applied to the preview. Darktable is quick when I only view an unedited raw file.

(Pascal Obry) #2

Disable OpenCL if it is activated. OpenCL on an Intel card is very slow. If OpenCL is not activated will see…


That was it! Thank you so much Pascal!