Darktable 2.4.2 Windows loses development settings



when I open a RAW via Explorer, open with, dartable, apply some settings, close dt and open the file again, all development settings are lost. Also dt reports on start that the xmp was changed (it wasn’t) and tries to change time stamp to 1970. Am I doing something wrong?




Something is broken there. Please try moving your darktable config directory away to make sure that the database is not broken.

If that doesn’t help you should have a look in the log file, maybe darktable crashes while exiting and somehow breaks the db doing so.

Have a look at the FAQ to find the config dir and log file.


I deleted DT and all settings, with no effect. Then I deleted alle xmp and let dt create new ones. This helped. It seems that something in the xmp which were created by another app blocked dt.


If you still have those XMPs and can pinpoint it to a single file I would be interested in seeing it.


I had to delete them all, so I can’t send you these XMP. If it occurs again I will do so.