Darktable (2.4.3) unable to open Windows 10 folders


Since updating to Version 2.4.3 I have been unable to load or save to user defined folders. The only way to load images is to drag them into Darkable, however saving them to anywhere other than the Windows Picture folder is impossible. This makes the software very difficult to use. I did read somewhere that it is a known issue but that was more than a month ago and that seems a long time for something that was already working on a previous version.
When will this issue be addressed?

(Mica) #2

It is an upstream GTK issue, so it has to be fixed in a project outside of darktable. Your best bet is to use version 2.4.2.


Thank you for the update. Hope it can be resolved in the not to distant future. Anyway thank you for all the great work in developing such good software.


2.4.4 is released and fixes this.