Darktable 2.6.1, filmic bug on macOS?

darktable 2.6.1 seems to have broken the ‘preserve the chrominance’ option in the filmic module. When I enable preserve the chrominance, the image gets much darker. This does not happen with 2.6.0 on the same image on the same mac.

I’m using the official macOS build from github. Note that this version does not support OpenCL.

Here’s a sample:

And heres the XMP for the chrominance-enabled version:
IMG_0393_02.CR2.xmp (5.7 KB)

I assume this is the issue explained here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/issues/2176

So should be fixed in 2.6.2 :slight_smile:


Thanks, that certainly looks like the problem.