darktable 2.6.1 released

(Josef Smolik) #22

I understand and thank :slight_smile: Good work!
Josef, Czech Republic

(Vladislav) #23

Thank you for your work, darktable team.

(Monty) #24

Having migrated from Adobe Elements about 6 months ago darktable is really amazing! Spent quite a lot of time watching the Youtube videos by the Aussie Bruce Williams Photography. He’s been a significant help for me learning many of the module functions and how to manage them. Thank you to the darktable team for this amazing software!


Hi guys,
just downloaded, great work! Filmic improved significantly (auto-tune, global saturation) and is now easy to use, very curious about the tone-equalizer @aurelienpierre is working on. Hierarchical view for styles is just cool.


I have a little issue with hierarchical view of styles…

In lighttable it will be recognized, if I add more than one | and I get a sub-structure. However in darkroom the second | just gets ignored.
(e.g. "tjmujinpak | AGFA | xyzxyz " )

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advanve!


(Pascal Obry) #27

Yes, in the darkroom only the first structure is taken into account. A current limitation of the implementation.


Thanks a lot, than I know, how to handle :slight_smile:

And thank you again, for you and the whole team. What you create with darktable is sensational!


May I have another wish? :slight_smile:

If you have t3mujinpack, you would really like to have the chance to edit several styles in a row with that separator | rather than one by one :smile:

(Pascal Obry) #30

The best is for this pack to come with proper naming supporting | :slight_smile:


Actually I tried by rename the files but after import it didn’t work. Seems I should have a look into the files. This will end up with awk and sed which I am not really a nerd for :slight_smile:

(Pascal Obry) #32

The name is in the .dtstyle file itself in node <name>.


I thought so. That’s why I said, changing it efficiently, one need to know awk and sed quite well, just I don’t :slight_smile: but never mind…

(Tenzin) #34

My colors are coming out weird and desaturated. Even when I export an old raw file (CR2, Canon 1300d) with the same old sidecar file, the colors are desaturated and look like a dot matrix.

(Mica) #35

Can you post a problematic raw file, sidecar, and output? What OS? Does the image look ok on screen at 100% zoom?

(Tenzin) #36

Let me get back to you with the raw file, sidecar file, and screenshot as I left my laptop in the office.

To give context, I was using the prior version and everything was fine. Been using Darktable for a year now. I had to reformat my computer thhis past week and when I went to reinstall darktable I saw there was an update. When I imported the raw files I just took, the colors seemed weird. It looks desaturated and somewhat darker than how i took it. Funny thing is the thumbnail on lightable shows up correct. Its just when you switch to darktable it looks odd. Also the thumbnail in the top left corner when in darktable shows the correct colors. I loaded up my old raw (copied from external hdd to my computer) files along with the sidecar files and they all looked just as they were on the lighttable portion. But when I jump in to the darktable section, the same thing happens and i get a desaturated and somewhat darker image. Even if I export it. I noticed if I jump into the contrast brightness saturation module and kick up the saturation all the way, the colors show up as normal.

(Mica) #37

Have you made sure your working and output color profiles are set correctly?

(Tenzin) #38

I would have to get back to you by tomoorow (12 hours or so) for the specifics, but yes I did try switching them around. They comeout darker. Im no expert though so i could be doing something wrong.

(Tenzin) #40

I fixed it. OpenCL support was messing it up.