darktable 2.6

(Christian Kanzian) #21

With a clean/vanilla install of 16.04?

(darix) #22

why not use the version from the OBS? it is built with the same files being used for the debian build.


Most probably not. But I am sure it’s all from PPAS, nothing installed manually.


That’s the OBS darix and I mentioned - so I guess, it’s time to switch from the PPA to the OBS. I was just wondering, why only the PPA for 16.04 didn’t received the update. :wink:


I just tested my self compiled version against the one from OBS, and I found that the self compiled one is by order of magnitudes faster. Any idea what’s wrong with the OBS build?

(Aurélien Pierre) #26

Probably nothing. Repositories use generic CPU optimizations for SSE2. Self-builds use optimizations for your specific architecture/processor.

If your CPU is recent and supports AVX/AVX2, it can give a serious boost to the performance.

But that could also come from the compilation environment (for example, missing dependencies disabling support of multi-threading or OpenCL, or different compiler).


No, it’s an old X240 from Lenovo. Both use multithreading.

What I also observed is that darktable seems to no longer use the embedded jpeg of unedited raws for preview, is this a recent change or am I wrong?

(Aurélien Pierre) #28

Check your preferences, there is an option to use embedded camera thumbnails or use the raws to process them internally.


The option is un-checked, meaning it should take the embedded jpeg. I’ll investigate further, but not today, it’s late already.