darktable 3.0.2 released

Did negadoctor make it into this release? I don’t see it mentioned in the release notes.

Only one way to find out. :wink:

There are two ways. One way is asking here :wink:

I have 3.0.2 installed, the invert module looks the same as in 3.0.1

I had to lookup what negadoctor is, certainly something to look forward to in the future:


The better way ist to look here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/tree/release-3.0.2/src/iop
negadoctor wasn’t included

No negadoctor will be for a major release.


Seems also the input color profile fix didn’t make it to this release. Is some minor release planned?

Going from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 seems like a minor release already (notwithstanding the major work that’s been put into it of course :wink: )

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I wasn’t being lazy. I was on mobile and won’t be at my computer for a couple of days. I had thought Negadoctor was planned for the next minor release as I believe Aurélien had said in another comment, so thought I’d quickly ask on here. @Pascal_Obry has kindly answered with what I wanted to know.

This is probably a case of terminology. Generally (at least for open source projects), the versioning is as follows:


where M = major release
m = minor release
b = bugfix (or “dot”) release

Major releases contain large changes to the functionality and potentially new capabilities, possibly breaking backwards compatibility and changing the user interface significantly. Minor releases are improvements to functionality and possibly some new capabilities, but not significant enough changes to the way the system works to warrant a major release. Dot releases contain bug fixes and small improvements to existing functionality.

Of course, the boundaries between these release definitions are quite subjective. But these are the generally accepted definitions in my experience.


@europlatus Sorry about that, didn’t mean the snark. Was in the middle of something so I probably shouldn’t have responded until I verified the facts myself.

For future reference, follow @MStraeten’s advice. This is the method I use. I also downloaded dt. Even if it is a point release, it contains bug fixes and incremental updates, both which are useful.

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Hi, looking good. Any word on Canon CR3 support? This is the only thing keeping me from going fully Linux. Must be a bugger of a thing to get working compared to the new Fuji and Nikons that seem to get pretty quick support


ongoing task, not that easy since canon doesn’t provide any informations. See https://github.com/darktable-org/rawspeed/issues/121


The most common variant of this convention is called Semantic Versioning: https://semver.org/

There are several other version number strategies to be aware of. Some projects (notably, the Linux kernel) will introduce major features or breaking changes in a minor release after a period of testing or deprecation, rather than making all the changes at once in a major release.


I can now open ILCE-6100 raw, but with an error that says " color matrix not found!"

That seems to be correct. Have a look at darktables camera support section (ILCE-6100 is near the bottom):

You might want to consider supplying RAW samples for this camera:

Great thank you for the link, I loooked into it. I dont see ILCE 6100 on the list but ill assume an old request. I looked at the menus on my ILCE 6100 and could not find any bitrate options. all

raw files have the same resolution regardless of any other settings including aspect ratios that is

6048 x 4024

does that leave me with sending 1 raw file taken with kit lens and tripod, set to iso=100? thanks!

Don’t forget that we are looking for:

  • Lens mounted on the camera, cap off
  • Image in focus and properly exposed
  • Landscape orientation

and we are NOT looking for:

  • Series of images with different ISO, aperture, shutter, wb, lighting, or different lenses
  • DNG files created with Adobe DNG Converter
  • Photographs of people, for legal reasons.

Just add your link to a “6100” RAW file at the bottom. Google drive is good for file links.

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a set of almost same photos taken within a minute, just in case… in the zip, the same files, again.

@Dave8 please upload them to https://raw.pixls.us

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I am experiencing something strange in DT 3.0.2 (Windows 10x64). Sometimes, not always, when i want to apply the tone curve module the mouse wheel no longer adjusts the corresponding values but zooms in or out instead. Is there any logic behind it or just a bug in 3.0.2?