darktable 3.0

That’s a massive amount of work! Kudos to all that built all those upgrades. I think it’s going to take me as long to absorb those changes as it took you to develop them! Hats off!


Guys, this is a massive release, big thanks to all the developers !
The amount of work done is unbelievable, Darktable is truly becoming awesome, even on Windows.
As a user of Capture One, if I compare with the new features they put in the yearly upgrade (and the price they want me to pay for that), DT 3.0 is vastly superior. And let alone the price, pictures out of DT with the new linear workflow look more realistic and natural, less “digital”.
Congratulation and Merry Christmas !



Thanks for this awful amount of good work.
I put a german translation of this article here:

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Shout-out to Troy Sobotka for having led the way of the scene-referred/no-nonsense graphics chain.


I’m wondering why the sharpen module should be avoided in the new RGB workflow? Any replacement for it if I want to use the new way and also want to sharpen my images?

See image doctor (Got an image problem ? Go see the image doctor.).

@Bhanu_Khan @bilddateien Welcome to the forum! Make it even better by contributing your time and feedback!

@bilddateien Thanks for the translation!

The sharpen module does an unsharp masking in Lab space, which looks unnatural really fast when you push the settings.

Contrast equalizer and local contrast modules are more robust, even though they still work in Lab.

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Can you recommend a tutorial that explains how to use Contrast Equalizer and/or Local Contrast for sharpening?

Not really, sorry.

I downloaded and installed 3.0 on Win10 yesterday. Something strange is happening though. In the Module groups they all show just the ones that darktable automatically used when I opened the raw file. In other words, the ones in Active are also the only ones shown in Favorites, Basic, Tone, Color, Correction, and Effect. Even in Favorites only those are shown. I went through more modules and put a star next to several modules, but they do not show up in Favorites, just the automatic ones I mentioned already. With 2.6.2, etc. I didn’t see this behavior. I can’t find a setting to change this, but at the moment I cannot use any module other than the ones darktable used automatically. Switching between Active, Favorites, Basic, Tone, Color, Correction, and Effect shows exactly the same thing. Any ideas?

You’ll probably find something in the manual, but I must say that the large deblur radius 3 preset do it 99% of the time to me. Zoom in at 100% and see for yourself.

Talking of the manual, is there a v3.0 version available yet?

Not yet. Give us time :slight_smile:

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will it eventually arrive in “usual” ppa by Pascal? Or do we need to change the ppa?

Yes, but Pascal is quite busy for the holidays.

Will 3.0 appear for the current version of Fedora, or will it have to wait for the next version?

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That’s a question to ask to app repositories managers, we don’t decide that.

If you want 3.0 sooner, use the OBS repo by @darix. Pascal’s ppa will be slow with the new version, he said in irc a few days ago.


thanks. I don’t do snaps and I don’t compile. The ppa system is a big advantage of Linux (as I see it) - and if I have to wait a week longer …

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