darktable 3.4 crashes when using "reconstruct" tab on filmic rgb

Hi everyone, I have been experiencing an issue with darktable 3.4 on machines with Mac OS X (one computer is running High Sierra, the other one is running Catalina). When I try and use the “reconstruct” tab on the filmic rgb module, darktable crashes. Sometimes it crashes when I’m adjusting the mask, sometimes when I’m adjusting the parameters. In any case, I’m not able to use the reconstruct tool anymore. The issue started after installing version 3.4.

I ran darktable -d perf, and the last two lines it generates after crashing are:

“Magick: abort due to signal 11 (SIGSEGV) “Segmentation Fault”…
Abort trap: 6”

I also copied the error returned by the system in the attached txt file.

Has this happened before? I would appreciate any help to try and solve the issue.

darktable_error_osx.txt (125.0 KB)

Check if there’s a bug report open for the issue you are having. If not, report it.

Same issue here, running dt on Big Sur.