Darktable 3.6.1 - "on conflict" export option missing

Hi, I’m missing the “on conflict” option in the export module. This means that whenever I press “export” and an exported JPEG already exists in the specified path, it is rewritten. AFAIK, in the past versions, the default behavior was that a number was appended to the file name, so the new file name is unique and existing files are not rewritten. What shall I do to get this behavior back?

I’m using Darktable 3.6.1 on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon.

Edit: Here is a screenshot of the export module

Not using 3.6.1 but current version from git master (3.7.0+1613~gd57e30bf1). With this version I get three options for “on conflict” : create unique filename, overwrite and skip. So everything seems to be ok. Possibly a bug related to 3.6.1 which has been fixed.

The on conflict option is only available when using file on disk. It is not for the other, by default, 4 options that are available. Your screenshot shows: LaTeX book template

I can only go back as far as 3.4.1, but that one, 3.6.0, 3.6.1 and the latest 3.7.0 show this behaviour.

Not saying this is correct, though. The doc does say, in general, that an on conflict option is available. No mention it only being available for one scenario.

EDIT: This option not being available for piwigo, send as email and website gallery makes sense. The first one, LaTeX book template, not so much.


You’re right, it was due to the “LaTeX book template” option which I had enabled by accident. With the “file on disk”, the option is shown. Thank you for your help.