darktable 3.6 possible bug in import module

I got very excited about the new import module and was looking forward to stop using the software I had been using for copying and renaming pictures from my cameras before.

After setting the module up under “copy & import” the way I like my pictures folder structured, I discovered what I believe is a bug?

When I import a picture with the above settings taken on 2021-07-17 today, on 2021-07-21, I get the directory structure that I want and the picture inside, as expected. But there is an additional, empty directory with todays date!

It looks like this:

[t@zaphod 2021]$ pwd 
[t@zaphod 2021]$ ls -R *XFoo*

20210717_XFoo-0001.NEF  20210717_XFoo-0001.NEF.xmp


Is there something I am missing? Can anyone confirm?