Darktable 3.8.1 for linux

The package which I have downloaded Darktable(3.8.1) to my machine is bad, and corrupts the DOC dir.
Does anyone have a good package of version 3.8.1 for linux(ubuntu)?

Hi and welcome to Pixls,

Why would you want to install an ancient (3.8.1) darktable version?

Download the most recent one (4.0.1) from right here:


Besides what Jacques has asked (3.8.1 is old, 4.0.1 is the current version, with 4.2 landing soon):

What does that mean?

  • What is the DOC dir?
  • What kind of corruption do you experience?

The reason that I prefer version3.8.1 is that my old scripts(css) work on v3.8.1, and for some reason do not work on version4.0.1.
Secondly, the directories and structure of them is easier to understand, so I prefer to use v3.8.1.

I am unable to access directory named “doc” in /run/user/1000 although it shows that my user is the owner, using the command ls -la in the terminal shows that the directory date of creation is 1970 1st jan.

I’m sorry, I’m unable to help you with that. I don’t know what directory that is.

IIRC there was a pretty big rewrite of the CSS code in 4.0.1. Since this isn’t going to be reversed now, I’d recommend biting the bullet and rewriting your own CSS to work with the latest version. In my experience older versions of darktable get harder and harder to build as the required library versions change, though I use ArchLinux (a bleeding edge distro) so this is more of an issue for me than most.

Also, if you do get an issue, you’re much more likely to get support if you’re using the latest version.

Okay, thank you.

To complete @elstoc answer, I completely rewritten CSS for darktable 4.0 as old CSS code was not respecting some CSS specs. This error was partially mine that I fix. Changing that allow multiple benefits:

  • reduce a lot CSS code (nearly 600 lines removed) and improving consistency between elements
  • I also took advantage of that work to slightly improve comment
  • maintaining CSS would be easier as it’s smaller and more obvious on most things.

To complete, here it’s main part of an email I send to darktable lists on april to inform that change:

This work is necessary to simplify CSS and with the work I have already done, this also make the UI even more consistent. Instead of writing CSS like before regarding UI parts, I rewrite it parts by parts, starting by similar items (for example: buttons) then adjust specific parts. CSS should be that way, using classes essentially for first step then id for specific parts. Thanks for @phweyland that remind me that darktable CSS was not respecting that CSS standard.

The only downside that this work will have is that it could break some personal CSS settings or theme you made. Note that tweaking CSS should be easier with this work.

Maybe I forgot some channels to inform that change. But that was really necessary. Now that this is done, such big changes should not come until a long time (I hope). Code is now clean and more efficient. I suggest you to see last darktable.css file that has some informations on his beginning with new classes created for that work.

I’ve done many PR that year for that work and some other UI improvements but main one that started the big work part was that one if you wnat more infos: New set to simplify code by better use of class + minor glitches fix by Nilvus · Pull Request #11454 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

As darktable 4.2 will be released tomorrow, maybe wait to install it and start adapting your CSS work from that (some things had been improved between 4.0.1 and 4.2 to finish that work but main big part was for 4.0 release).

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Hi @Fluffy_pb, and welcome!

Have you searched the web for ubuntu /run/user/1000/docs?
It seems to be a common dilemma: 20.04 - `df` command throws error on /run/user/1000/doc/ folder - Ask Ubuntu

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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If this is the result of running the flatpak as root… You’re doing things very wrong.