Darktable 4.2: Lens correction finds my lens, but not camera

I wanted to use the “Lens correction”-module in Darktable 4.2. The modules identifies my Nikon Z 24-70 lens without a problem, but the module will not work because it can not detect my camera (Nikon Z6 II). I can not manually select it either, since no Nikon Z camera is in the list.

Is this a bug, or is just no Nikon Z cameras supported in the “Lens correction”-module? Is there a way I can get support, or contribute so it will get supported?

You did move down to the end of the camera list?
I do have a Nikon Z6 available in the camera list, but scrolling down to the end of the list was a bit tricky. If that camera is “close enough” (same crop factor) you should be able to use that one (and perhaps set up a preset for now?)

If not, it is possible that your database is too old. Under linux, the command “lensfun-update-data” will get the latest version of the lensfun database. That command doesn’t need to be run as root.

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Even the II should be there.


Open your mil-nikon.xml and see if you can find it. You find the path to the folder here att the bottom Create your own lens correction data for Lensfun – Kameratrollet

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Thanks, that was the problem! On my Ubuntu 22.04 I had to run the following commands:

$ sudo apt install liblensfun-bin
$ lensfun-update-data

Now I have a lot more cameras to choose from in the Lens correction-module in Darktable!


Very nice - now my lens correction module is much more well behaved. Brilliant.