Darktable 4.6.1

Just installed Darktable 4.6.1 but the settings button in the upper right corner is not visible as in youtube videos

You may have collapsed the top status line… do you see the small white arrow… at the top of the screen try clicking it and cycling until it appears… there is also a keystroke that I have forgotten but if you hold down the “H” key it will bring up all the shortcuts… sorry I would post a screen shot but I am on my phone…

My last Arch-update brought 4.6.1-3 to the system. Can’t find infos on “-3” version. Can someone explain what has changed or is it just a very minor bugfix?

I think it’s usually just that they’ve had to rebuild the Arch package because one of its dependencies has changed. I guess very occasionally such a change might also need a patch, but this is rare.

The official darktable releases will always be named X.Y.Z. Anything else on top of that is under the control of the package maintainer for your distro.


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