darktable and LR/Fast Raw Viewer XMP Files

Stupid question …
Do you know / use Fast Raw Viewer?
Is it possible to somehow import FRV results ( … XMP …) into RT or Darktable or PhotoFlow - fully or partially?

RT and Photo Flow don’t use XMP files at all-- RT uses pp3 files (an INI style file) and PF uses PFI.

Darktable may be able to read some basic XMP data, such as star ratings or keywords, provided the fast raw viewer writes them to the standard XMP tags. Usually adjustments stored in XMP are name spaced for the specific application, and tools from application to application do not take the same parameters and thus are not portable.


Yes, right. Just tried to update the status after all the talks about how to migrate from LR to and plans to support metadata here and there. It still seems that all my possible corrections during the culling in FRV are useless.


Darktable and sidecar files: is it documented?

Have you checked the source code?

Shorter answer: No, I have not. I am not that smart. :persevere:
Longer answer: is it possible to find some readable description - better in natural language? Just hope that people still can talk before coding to explain each other what and how to do.

I’d just open up an XMP file and have a look. Darktable uses its own name space and the XML elements in XMP file are pretty self explanatory.

Sure thing!

The FreeBSD kernel is very well documented, unfortunately it’s all in `C’. :floppy_disk:

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So is darktable :tinfoil_hat:

What is needed to make the next step(s): more technical details than listed out here

Is it available?

You can see an example XMP file here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/tools/noise/profiling-shot.xmp

I’m not sure i understand the question. What do you want to do?
That page is user-facing documentation about basic lightroom importer functionality.

Looking together at the list below - as is:

"At present, darktable is able to deal with the following development steps from Lightroom-generated XMP files (with the corresponding darktable module in parentheses):

  • crop and rotate (crop and rotate)
  • black level (exposure)
  • exposure (exposure)
  • vignette (vignette)
  • clarity (local contrast)
  • tone curve (tone curve)
  • HSL (color zones)
  • split toning (split toning)
  • grain (grain)
  • spot removal (spot removal)"

If I make an XMP file in LR (or in FRV), will darktable for Windows support the above: Yes or No?

Thanks, can you please look at #30 as well…

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I don’t have lightroom or windows to test it out.

If you have light room or FRV with light room export capabilities, why not test it out? If it doesn’t work, then we can talk.

Quick questions: is it - as of today - a part of darktable for Windows? Who has tested it?

darktable on windows is still in early stages. If you’re having a problem please report it. The developers rely on users of their respective platforms to do the testing.

It seems that you’d want to export a LR XMP from FRV then try and import that into darktable.

All these theoretical questions about compatibility can be solved by just trying it.

Who has tested it on windows? I don’t know, I haven’t seen anyone report it as not working. No news is good news.


That page is talking about dt support for LR some parameters, so it is unclear to me why you think that dt, but on some particularly oddball platform, might intentionally miss that functionality.
That being said, no clue whatsoever, we (most of dt devs) don’t use LR (or FRV). It sounds like you want to try and report the results.

My intention was/is simple enough (I hope): to ask here about a possibility to use FRV and darktable for Windows (!) together via re-using XMP sidecar files. Please go back to my initial question.

The answers were: try and report - or start from reading the source code. Both are acceptable for me, although I prefer Yes/No (if from developers) and natural languages, not C/CPP and XML. :wink: