Darktable and webgallery plugin

first of all good morning to all.
I am new with darktable and I would like to ask you for information about the creation of web galleries
In particular I would like to know if there are any plugins that associated with darktable allow directly to create a webgallery with the collection of photos loaded in darktable.
I would like to have a situation similar to that which can be done with juicebox (for those who know it) and lightroom. juicebox in fact has a plugin that inserted into lightroom allows you to immediately create a webgallery ready to be published on a server on internet.

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Welcome! Unfortunately I can’t answer your question but I hope others can. I just wanted to welcome you to the community!


There are options to do this in the Export module in the Light table view.

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thank you for your suggestion.

I found this option
lighttable->export selected->targetstorage->website gallery
but when I’ve clicked “Export” I only got the developed photos and their related Thumbs.
Actually what I wanted to get would be the whole site ready to be uploaded, therefore complete with html pages, css, scripts, images, thumbs, etc …

kind regards.

Did you waited until the export finished?

When I choose the Web Gallery option, I get an index.html, some CSS, and JavaScript.

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Yes, you are right… finally I found them in a subfolder.
thank you