darktable and XnView - small fonts in lxqt


Hi, I am trying to use darktable and XnView in Debian Lxqt. The trouble is, the fonts are very small. Apparently they cannot be adjusted via the system font settings or lxappearance or qt5ct. Is there a code that I could add to darktablerc or something like that? Which GUI toolkit do those programs actually use? Qt or GTK? I think XnView uses Qt but I am not sure why it does not look the same as the other Qt apps.
Thanks in advance for the help

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Darktable uses GTK.

XnView is not Free Software, so not much we can do for you here. I’d suggest you contact their support.

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And wich version of darktable you use ? If you have this problem also on darktable and use official releases (ie 2.6.x or older ones), you have to edit this line on darktablerc file : screen_dpi_overwrite=-1.0 (you could try 110 or 120 instead of -1.0). Be sure to edit this file with darktable closed. You could increase or decrease the number to adjust font size as you want.

Be carefult that the new UI change this behavior so on next major release (for Christmas) this line will have to be revert back to avoid too big fonts with new UI actually added on development version.

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thank you!


well as far as XnView is concerned: I kind of already had figured out how that works some time ago but I forgot how I did it.t
but: I am not sure how “free” the program is since its source code or a part of it is apparently in the AUR repository.


The AUR repo only hosts the necesary files to build a package (like the PKGBUILD file or patches that are applied before building). The actual source (or binaries, depending of the package) are not on AUR.

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We care about the Freedom type of “free,” so we don’t support applications who’s source isn’t available to us. XnView is some sort of freeware (free as in price), but no source is available.

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Is there an easy (non-savvy) way to make fonts larger in the MacOS version of Darktable?

I found an older thread for doing this in MacOS but it started talking about Lua scripts and I was lost.

I cannot find any files with names like darktablerc

I find it hard to believe that we got to v2.6, and still the preferences module does not have an option to set font size. Being sent to hidden folders and script files is intense stuff, when all one wants is legible fonts.



You seem to not have search correctly as it was already precised (by me for example this month in another thread.

darktablerc is in your config folder (hidden on Unix system like MacOS) : /home//.config/darktable. Edit screen_dpi_overwrite (change -1.0 value by 110 or 120).

Don’t forget that darktable was a Linux software and was ported by one developer on Mac. And this will be corrected on next major release as the new UI developed (see thread about that) on actual 2.7 development version as remove all hard-coded items of the UI. So now all is made with CSS and font-size are emphasis to be related to OS font size.


Thank you, I will do that. And I am certainly looking forward to v2.7.