Darktable auto-apply lens correction (or other auto-detected module) for all detected body+lens options

In recent video regarding tone equalizer @aurelienpierre mentioned that he has autoenabled filmic, local contrast and lens correction of every clear file.
While generally I know how to do autopresets I just can’t wrap my head around atupreset for lens correction since there are countless body+lens+focal (in case of zooms) + aperture combinations.
Similar can be said about denoise (profiled) where I’d love to have auto-setting but not enabled by default.

My question - how can I achieve that in preferably universal way?

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But how many do you actually own?

You only have to have one zoom lens for the “+focal” bit to make a lot of settings!

However, AFAIK as long as your lens is auto-detected by the module, you shouldn’t need to have a preset for each combination. Just switch lens correction on, save that as a preset, and set it to apply to all images. The module should auto-detect the correct settings for each image.

Denoise profiled is the same - it will autodetect your ISO/camera combination for each image.


Just enable lens correction with default params, don’t change anything, create a preset with that and set the auto-apply thing. Then, the lens correction will be auto-applied in auto mode (adjusting camera + lens couple to each picture).


I’m trying to be more active on local scene and photo groups, so while I have 1 body + 10 lenses, I actually dealt with waay more :wink:

Thank you! The stuff like that little tidbits is what’s imo also missing from docs :slight_smile: One sentence tips like those are godsend! Thank you both!

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