Darktable bottom panel missing

Hi folks,

First post on this Darktable subforum. I’ve just been getting used to DT over the last few days. Today for some reason the bottom panel disappeared and I can’t seem to get it back (latest version of DT on macOS by the way). I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but the problem persists and also I was surprised to see some of the setting had remained even after reinstalling this. There must be some files buried deep in the program library that didn’t get deleted after I uninstalled it.

Any suggestions?


Hold down the h key and it will list the key combination Ctrl F I think toggles the filmstrip and maybe ctrl b for bottom and then l for left and r for right…I am on my phone but it will be listed… There are usually little arrows midway along but maybe they got turned off??

Thank you. It was CMD+SHIFT+B in the end.

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Here is some information about keyboard short cuts. These are based on a Windows OS, so I appreciate MAC OS probably replaces Ctrl with CMD, but I am not a MAC user.

Setting up keyboard shortcuts

DT offers several keyboard shortcuts; however, you may be used to specific keyboard shortcuts from other programs, and it is possible to reassign DT keyboard shorts to match what you already know.

  • In the preferences go to shortcuts and find the shortcut you which to alter
  • Double click on it and follow the prompts to reassign keys to the shortcut

Pressing the letter H will reveal the list of keyboard short cuts. If you then press Alt the panel will stay active.

Shortcuts affecting screen real estate

Ctrl-Shift-H reveals or hides histogram.

Ctrl-F reveals or hides film strip

Ctrl-H reveals or hides the top header menu tabs

B reveals or hides the borders with arrows

Ctrl-Shift-R reveals or hides the right panel

Ctrl-Shift- L reveals or hides the left panel

Ctrl-Shift- T reveals or hides the top panel

Ctrl-Shift- B reveals or hides the bottom panel

Lighttable shortcuts

W previews a single image while the button is held down

Alt-W previews a single image in persistent view. Hitting W key will return lighttable to grid view.

Ctrl-W previews a single image with focus detection shown.

Mouse wheel scrolling will move previews through the collection

Ctrl-mouse wheel scroll allows zooming of the image being previewed

Compare view (culling) in lighttable

Select image you want to compare and then hit CTRL-X

Ctrl-mouse wheel zooms all displayed images

Ctrl-shift-mouse wheel zooms only the image where the curser hovers over

Click & drag pans all displayed images and can cause then to be positioned out of view

Click-shift & drag pans only the image that the curser hovers over

Zoom and pan functions work with a maximum of 4 images

Copying Image Settings from one image to others

Shift-Ctrl-C allows you to select what settings will be copied. By default, WB is not copied so choosing it here may be important for a series of images.

Ctrl-V pastes the copied settings to the selected image or multiple images.

Thanks Terry!