Darktable camera support

(Michael) #1

In the official list of DT, the camera Panasonic DC-G9 is not supported in the noise profile.
But when I look in the Entrauschen (Profil) [Denois-Profil], I find

Who knows if the camera is really supported or not?

(Mica) #2

I’d call that supported. At what list are you looking?

(Michael) #3

Hallo Mica,
the list is:

The camera: Panasonic DC-G9: support only WB.
Noise Profile and Custom Matrix is not supportet.

(Mica) #4

I thought I remembered @LebedevRI telling that list wasn’t super accurate, perhaps he can confirm.

(Roman Lebedev) #5

Probably that page needs to be regenerated.

(Michael) #6

Thank you.
Does that mean that the camera is complete supported? Or is there something missing?

(Mica) #7

Seems like it is good to go!


Thanks for the reminder, I always forget updating that page.

(Michael) #9

Hallo houz,
can I do anything else so that the camera can be supported even better? For example Custom Matrix?